Weekly Medication Dosette

reusable dosette system

At Gray's I.D.A. Drug Store, we offer Persocare, a reusable dosette system for organizing and dispensing your medications on a weekly basis, with space for four doses per day to aid in the administration of oral solid dose medication.

The packs are set up by our pharmacists and are available for individuals wishing to simplify their medication regime, and also for organizations such as nursing homes and retirement homes.

Highly recommend by physicians and health care professionals to reduce medication dosing errors and to help our customers and their families with chronic illnesses be more compliant with their medications.

reusable dosette system

This service is especially helpful to enable people with disabilities, the frail, the elderly and their caregivers to help them remain in their own home.

Weekly dosettes can be picked up at our pharmacy or delivered to you. The price of this service is determined by your government co-payment required. Please inquire about this service at either of our pharmacies.